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Trails Through the Greenbelt


Staten Island is the least populous borough of New York City,
and as such, is all too often overlooked, stereotyped, and
marginalized in every possible way. Trails Through the Greenbelt
is an anthology of poetry, artwork, and literary criticism by Staten
Island artists from many different backgrounds that sends a clear
challenge to all misconceptions held by the Island's neighbors.
The works featured in this collection showcase the varied paths
each artist has traveled, through times of prosperity and times of
strife. They present their visions and experiences in eclectic ways,
thus making clear that Staten Island has a multitude of voices
which would otherwise not be represented.

This book can be appreciated by more than just those from Staten Island, NY, where you can find The Greenbelt. Aside from all the hard work that went into getting this book out there, this book deserves all the stars it can get for compiling such a diverse collection of creative works! It is written by real people, your average Joe's and Jane's who in fact, exceed the average! This is the kind of compliation that you want to leave on your coffee table to share with family and friends. It is genuine, down to earth, art. Two thumbs up and five stars!

May Hawk



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